I never use a cookie-cutter approach to treat my patients

I never use a cookie-cutter approach to treat my patients

Combining his eye for beauty and design with his surgical skill, Dr. Arthur Y. Yu is recognized for his exceptional face and body work. “Upper eyelid surgery has totally transformed my career in recent years,” says Dr. Yu.

“I was able to apply my many years of experience to create a unique, modern eyelid rejuvenation technique that makes my patients appear more youthful and beautiful.” He also utilizes the latest nonsurgical advancements like new injectables, lasers, skin-tightening treatments and Jan Marini Skin Research® skin care. “All of our patients who undergo Thermage, Ultherapy or CoolSculpting see wonderful results, even in some of the most difficult-to-treat areas,” adds the doctor.


1. MY DREAM INNOVATION - An ultra minimally invasive approach for facelifts. I currently employ a less-invasive approach at my practice. People love it for the huge benefit with little recovery time.

2. WHAT I’M BEST KNOWN FOR - Upper eyelid surgery, face sculpting with fat grafting or fillers, and body sculpting with Mommy Makeovers. The results of which have brought us many clients from all over the world, including some very famous celebrities.

3. WHY DO YOU EMPLOY A LESS-IS-MORE PHILOSOPHY? - Becoming beautiful isn’t something you need to loudly tell the world. You can do a little now and add more in the future. My less-is-more approach results in faster recovery and no telltale signs of surgery.

4. WHAT NEW SERVICE ARE YOU EXCITED TO OFFER? -  Nanofat grafting for the face, hands and especially the lips.

5. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THIS NEW SERVICE? - Fat grafting is great for restoring lost volume to the face and hands. The FDA-approved Lipogems nanofat grafting treatment utilizes much smaller fat cells without any chemical processing and offers much better results. I also use it to rejuvenate and recontour the lips and there has been an extremely high satisfaction rate.

6. WHAT IS THE MOST EXCITING THING GOING ON IN YOUR FIELD RIGHT NOW? - Being able to freeze how people look at their current age and slow down aging.

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