Brazilian Buttock Lift (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Brazilian butt lift (BBL)  is gaining popularity in the last few years, in the face of the Kardashian family going viral on the internet. It is done with fat grafting to augment the upper, posterior and outer aspects of the buttocks, generating a rounder and sexier butt. 

The procedure could be done under local anesthesia, or with minimal to moderate sedation, based on your choice. The entry points are very small (done with a 14G needle, about 2.5 mm), so the scars are barely visible. The fat is harvested from your own body in areas where the fat deposit is not desired. Since our doctor is a master of body aesthetics, the final result is sexy hourglass shape, in addition to having a nice new Brazilian butt.

As far as the recent hot topic of the safety issue, our doctor only puts fat in the superficial layers, avoiding the deeper, more vascular-abundant tissues, making our Brazilian buttock lift the safest out there!