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A Less is More Philosophy

Becoming beautiful isn’t something you need to loudly tell the world. You can do a little now—and some more in the future. We fully believe in faster recovery times and no telltale signs of surgery. Our doctor always prefers to recommend the least surgery to achieve our patients’ goals. Dr. Yu invented quite a few innovative procedures and improved most traditional surgeries, making them more reliable, safer, and more natural, while at the same time, achieving better results with much faster recovery times.

We know the dangers of general anesthesia, consequently, almost all surgeries are carried out using local anesthesia with light sedation, unless otherwise requested. As a result, we have been free of any anesthesia complication ever since day one. According to our patients, the postop pain that they may experience is either minimal or non-existent, thanks to the use of tumescent numbing fluid in almost all liposuction, fat grafting, tummy tuck and breast augmentation cases by our caring doctor. Furthermore, because general anesthesia is not employed and because strict precautions are obeyed , our certified surgical center never had a single venous thrombosis /pulmonary embolism complication!