It is almost impossible to permanently restore sleeping hair follicles back to health without external help. After a long period of deep sleep, the hair loss will become permanent baldness. Traditional massage, traditional Chinese medicine, conditioning, drug stimulation or light treatment have different effects and are only suitable for specific people. In recent years, many studies have successively pointed out that the effect of stem cell treatment on hair regeneration and prevention of hair loss is remarkable. Although there is still room for improvement in its durability, this not only brings hope to many patients troubled by hair loss, but also helps the medical community determine the direction of future research.

Receding hairline, hair loss, and sparse hair volume are common problems for contemporary people. In the past decade, the topic of hair regeneration has increased year by year, and it is not difficult to see the urgent need for balding treatment. The causes of hair loss can be contributed to many different factors, such as the most common aging, hormones, genetics, pathological factors, stress, and diet, etc.; however, regardless of the cause, the end result is the same, also It is the shrinkage and degradation of hair follicles, and even permanent sleep. The above-mentioned types of hair follicles will gradually stop growth and metabolism after a period of time, neither participate in the body’s circulation nor absorb nutrients. In this condition, the function of the hair follicle will become weaker and weaker over time, which will eventually lead to thinning hair in the area, or even complete baldness.


Dr. Yu published a research article on gene therapy engineering in the world’s top journal “Nature Medicine” in the medical field, which won the highest praise in the industry. Unlike other scholars, Dr. Yu is not only a scientist but also a highly experienced and award-winning physician. In the field of hair growth, Dr. Yu’s opinion is even more unique. Different from the traditional so-called autologous blood stem cells, platelets, or adipose stem cell germinal treatment, he combines clinical and scientific principles to achieve a new field of technological innovation. Recently, Dr. Yu has developed two scalp hair follicle stem cell germinal treatments (patent pending) utilizing his many years of practical clinical experience and professional doctorate background in biological sciences. In addition, Dr. Yu also has patent applications for the treatment of fat stem cells and placental stem cells.

Dr. Art Yajing Yu, graduated from the world-famous (ranked first in the United States) Mayo Clinic, is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon of the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons after rigorous training. Established Premier Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa in Southern California, with Los Angeles as the center. The patients treated by Dr. Yu are from all over the world. He is a trusted doctor and received the highest plastic surgery award “The Aesthetic” in the United States. The number of awards for the first place in “Full Face Shaping” in Show is countless, and it is the best physician who has been evaluated by the magazine “New Beauty” for many consecutive years.


These two patents for scalp hair follicle stem cell germination treatment, not only improve the stem cell extraction efficiency exceeding hundreds of the best instruments on the market, but also make the treatment effect more significant and improve patient satisfaction. At present, the world’s top hair follicle stem cell extraction technology can only save 7.6 cells in ten thousand stem cells; but under Dr. Yu’s two new treatments, the effective extraction rate can be increased by 200-900 times. Dr. Yu’s patent not only greatly improves all the defects and high wear rate of traditional technology, but also effectively awakens sleeping hair follicles to help them grow healthy hair again. So far, the effectiveness of treating hair loss for men and women is nearly 100%, and the amount of hair after treatment is far more than any previous treatment.

Because the hair needs to grow from healthy and active hair follicles to ensure that it can continue to survive after regeneration; the best way is to directly take small pieces of tissue from the scalp and extract it into stem cell-rich hair follicle tissue clusters, becoming “nano” the small-scale hair follicle grafts are injected around the permanently sleeping hair follicle mass, thereby awakening its energy and promoting hair growth again. This technique is called “regeneration of original hair follicle tissue in situ”, and it is also the most feasible and effective stem cell germination technology in the existing field today.

The treatment process is quite simple. It only takes about half of the patient’s small fingertip size and about 2-3 mm of scalp skin with healthy hair follicles. After nano extraction, it is injected with an ultrafine needle. The treatment process is almost painless, and the risk is extremely low. The treatment time is extremely short, about 5 minutes each time, and there is little to almost no recovery period. Compared with the operation time of 8 hours and the recovery time of 2-3 months in traditional hair transplant surgery, this method not only greatly reduces the psychological burden of patients; and because the recovery period is extremely short, the impact on daily life can be minimized. About 2 weeks after treatment, the effect starts to show, and new and healthy hair can be seen growing in the area. The scalp hair follicle stem cell treatment improved by Dr. Yu’s patent has no gender or age restrictions and has excellent therapeutic effects for men and women of various groups, races, and ages. In addition to the significant increase in hair volume, customers treated by this procedure are expected to achieve the effect of rejuvenation. There are many cases of middle-aged people who have grown back hair after treatment by Dr. Yu. In addition to solving the problem of baldness, it gives each patient an even more youthful and energetic appearance.