Valmont Facial

Purity of the Alps:

The skin is clean, purified and balanced. This treatment cleanses without stripping, and leaves the epidermis ideally hydrated and incredibly soft. The treatment at a glance The skin is clean, purified and balanced. 

Detailed description of the treatment:

More than a simple skin cleansing, the new Purity of the Alps treatment offers a true revival for the face. For those in search of clean skin gently and comfortably freed of impurities, this expert treatment includes no fewer than 12 steps! From pre-cleansing to the final touch, Purity of the Alps blends the delicacy of subtle gestures with the effectiveness of Valmont products.

Designed to purify, balance and unify the complexion, this latest Valmont treatment is intended for all, and particularly for women whose skin displays a flawed texture, an uneven complexion or a predisposition to imperfections.

Vitality of the Glaciers:

Detailed description of the treatment

The first of the Valmont treatments, Vitality of the Glaciers quickly became an icon. It has accompanied the brand since 1985 and reflects the technical prowess of the Swiss anti-aging expert. A beauty booster, this cabin treatment stimulates the skin’s energy and cell renewal – both of which diminish over time. After the treatment, the complexion is once again fresh and radiant, features are relaxed, and the skin has never been fuller.

Brightness of Ice:

The complexion is even, radiant and glowing. Age spots have faded and the texture of the skin is refined.

Detailed description of the treatment

An original Valmont creation, the Brightness of Ice treatment is dedicated to restoring youthful purity and freshness to the complexion. With this exclusive professional treatment, Valmont offers the perfect solution for gently awakening a bright and even completion. It also improves the texture of the skin while providing comprehensive anti-aging action.

Summit of the Cervin:

The skin is lifted and smoothed. The face volumes appear sculpted and plumped.

Detailed description of the treatment

With this resolutely lifting and firming expert treatment, Valmont showcases its technical expertise in 5 steps, as a tribute to the 5th highest peak in the Swiss Alps.