Acne Scar Treatment

Acne scars can be approached very differently, depending on the depths of the scars. Shallow scars could be managed with IPL, Thermage, light fractional CO2 laser, needle rollers, or PRP to even special fork cannula lifting and filling with nano fat or fillers. For the extremely deep scars (icepick), puch excision with skin grafting might become a first choice.

Acne treatment

Acnes could be due to many different reasons. Our doctor analyzes your skin carefully and then designs a detailed plan for the treatment of your acne. Typically, the combination therapy including laser treatment, ultrasound cleansing, blue light, acne facial cleansing and application of antibiotic products would help most people to gain a good control of the acne. For recurrent acne (same spot) or cystic acne, a cocktail of botulinum toxin and clindamycin for local injection could prove to be invaluable.