Getting a Facelift: The Key to Firm, Youthful Skin

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By Dr. Arthur Yu

Anti-aging procedures have helped many patients feel more comfortable in their own skin. Over the years, gravity pulls the skin on your face downward, causing sagging and advanced aging. Once this skin has aged, one excellent and effective solution is to trim and tighten it with a facelift. 

Finding the right facelift surgeon and choosing the best facelift procedure can seem overwhelming. It’s important to make an informed decision when it comes to cosmetic procedures. We are here to give you all of the details about facelift surgery. 

What Is a Facelift? 

You may have heard of your favorite celebrity getting a facelift to reverse the signs of aging. There are different types of facelift procedures, but they all have one common goal: to tighten and lift your facial skin. 

Facelift surgeons make small incisions around the edges of your face. They then work on the facial muscles to lift and tighten your skin. Any sagging or loose facial skin is firmed or removed. By the end of the procedure, your entire face should look firmer and more youthful. 

Types of Facelifts

The type of facelift you get depends on how much your skin has aged. A full facelift procedure can address more advanced signs of aging like severe skin sagging. However, there are “mini facelift” procedures that restore youthfulness to your face with less intense recovery times. 

Full Facelift 

A full facelift, also known as the “traditional facelift” procedure, lifts and tightens your whole face. Our facelift surgeon removes excess skin that sags along your cheeks and jawline. Then, he will pull your skin tighter and sew it into place on the incisions. This creates a lifted, tighter, more youthful appearance. 

A full facelift has the longest recovery time: between 8 and 12 weeks. This procedure reverses many signs of aging and creates a more stunning face for you to show to the world. The results are well worth the wait. 

The Z-Lift 

Many patients come to Premier Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa specifically for Z-lift surgery. This is the least invasive facelift we offer. 

You do not need general anesthesia for the Z-lift. Instead, we apply a local anesthetic to numb the areas around the incision. Dr. Yu gently makes an incision, which will be hidden underneath your hair. He then adjusts your skin and facial muscles to firm and lift them. The Z-lift takes about an hour to complete. 

Patients only need a few days to recover from the Z-lift procedure. For mild to medium signs of aging, the Z-lift procedure works wonders. If you want to prevent sagging and firm your facial skin, the Z-lift is the procedure for you. 

Mini Facelift

In many ways, a mini facelift is quite similar to a traditional facelift. This procedure tightens and smooths your facial skin. Dr. Yu uses a special technique to smooth wrinkles and create a more youthful appearance. He removes sagging skin and tightens your face to make you look younger.

Patients with minimal signs of aging on their faces would benefit from the mini facelift. Dr. Yu’s wrinkle removal technique will leave your face looking smoother and more youthful. Recovery time is much shorter for a mini facelift because less complex surgical work is required. Most patients can go back to their normal routines after a few days. 

Good Candidates for Facelift Surgery

If a more youthful, smoother, tighter face sounds appealing to you, you might be wondering whether you are eligible for facelift surgery. We work with patients from diverse backgrounds and at all levels of aging. Depending on the state of your skin, we can assess whether you would be a good candidate for facelift surgery. 

In general, facelifts have the best results on patients over 50 years old. Some younger patients get mini facelifts or Z-lifts to prevent further signs of aging. We evaluate each patient individually during an initial consultation. 

You should be in good general health before any surgery. This includes not smoking, eating a nutritious diet, and getting plenty of physical activity. We will discuss your medical history to determine whether you are ready for facelift surgery. 

Any patient who has mild to severe signs of facial aging is welcome to come in for a consultation. Our facelift surgeon has many years of experience assessing facelift candidates. We will determine the best treatment plan to make your face more youthful and firmer. 

Soak Up the Sun with a Gorgeous Youthful Face

If you live near the Arcadia, CA, area, you likely enjoy many outdoor activities with friends and family. The sun can cause wrinkles and damaged skin, but you don’t have to hide away inside. With a facelift, you can flaunt your attractive, youthful-looking skin anywhere you go. 

Years of sun exposure might contribute to aging skin, but facelifts can help correct these signs of aging. 

Facelifts at Premier Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa

At Premier Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa, we perform top-quality facelifts for patients of all backgrounds. You deserve to love the skin you’re in, regardless of how old you are. If you want smooth, firm skin, visit our office for the best facelift experience. Schedule your consultation for a facelift with us today!

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