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By Dr. Arthur Yu

What is Fat Grafting?

Much like liposuction, fat grafting is a great way to remove excess fat from areas such as the thighs, tummy, and buttocks. However, unlike typical liposuction, fat grafting takes the removed fat and processes it into a liquid that can then be used elsewhere on the body to help shape and contour specific areas.

This procedure can help with body contouring, all while eliminating excess fat from unwanted areas. This helps produce a more natural appearance when it comes to sculpting and shaping areas of the body such as the face and lips since it uses your body’s fat.

Who Can Benefit From Fat Grafting?

With its affordable price and straightforward procedure, fat grafting can help anyone who wants to remove unwanted fat while regaining a more sculpted and youthful appearance. If you’re interested in any of the following, you may find that you can benefit greatly from talking to your surgeon about fat grafting. 

Of course, it’s always recommended that you consult with your surgeon so that they can discuss the pros and cons of fat grafting with you. Making a well-informed, and educated decision when it comes to any procedure can help you avoid costly, and potentially disastrous results.

Once you and your surgeon decide on whether fat grafting is the right procedure for you, it’s time to establish where you’d like to see a more sculpted, youthful, or fuller look.

Fat Grafting For A Sculpted Face


Coarse and thick fat is used for the deeper loose connective tissue layer within the forehead. While a fine fat is used for the muscle layer and the mid-forehead is filled just enough to bring out that extra shape that you want. Forehead fat grafting helps reduce things such as wrinkles and sags and can help bring out a natural and more youthful look when it comes to the shape and fullness of your forehead area.

Brow Ridges

If you’re looking to reshape and sculpt your brows, fat grafting can help give you the desired look that you dream of. Coarse fat is used for the bulk, and fine fats are used to produce a smooth, feathered effect. Combined with temple fat grafting, this can help create the much desired “double ogee” structure on the face when viewed from a 45-degree angle.


As you age, your temples naturally lose their fullness. While typically fuller in your youth, temple fat grafts can help restore the fullness of your temples, giving you a less hollowed appearance while adding more shape to your face. 

In more extreme circumstances, at least three entry points are made while undergoing the fat graft. This process utilizes a crisscross pattern to achieve a 3-D structured fat graft for the most noticeable and satisfying results.


As the lowermost part of the desired “double ogee” look, cheek fat grafts make up the bottom portion of this look that can give your face a youthful and well-rounded appearance. Keep in mind that typically, fat grafts aren’t performed any lower than the corners of the mouth area to avoid an unnatural look.


For anyone wishing to slightly alter the structure and shape of their nose, without undergoing nose surgery, nose fat grafting might be just the answer. This minimally invasive procedure can help correct minor nasal issues and defects to give your nose a new and uplifted appearance.


Fat grafting on the chin can help balance the overall appearance of your face as a whole. Often, when it comes to altering your chin, grafting can be a better and less invasive option when compared to chin implants.


As one of the more popular areas for fat grafting, lip sculpting can help correct the signs of aging while giving you fuller lips. As a great option for those who have thin lips, or a “gummy smile,” lip sculpting using this method can help increase your confidence when smiling for the cameras.

Other Popular Fat Grafting Locations


Throughout the years the tissue within your hands that keeps that young appearance will begin to disappear, allowing your hands to show your age. With the help of fat grafting, you can once more regain the smooth and flawless appearance that you once had in your youth.


Body sculpting with fat grafting may be able to help those who suffer from things such as bow-leggedness. While this procedure may not work for everyone, it might be worth looking into as an alternative to more complicated surgeries and procedures.


Many individuals both men and women, experience a “funnel chest”. This is when a recessed area appears that can occur naturally or after a breast enhancement surgery. Fat grafting is an easy solution for those who wish to correct this cosmetic issue without having to deal with more complicated and costly procedures.

Fat Grafting For A More Natural, Youthful, And Sculpted Look

If you’re interested in learning more about fat grafting for a more natural, youthful, and sculpted look, the professionals at Premier Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa are just a phone call away. We’re here to help you achieve your beauty goals so that you can have the confidence and look that you’ve always wanted and deserve.

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