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By Dr. Arthur Yu

Are you interested in undergoing a nose job? If so, are you unsure about surgical procedures to achieve your desired results? Thankfully, there is a non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure that can give you the results you need. Tiplyft™ can help correct certain aspects of your nose without the overbearing consequences of surgery. At TipLyft, we want you to enjoy the benefits of rhinoplasty. Contact us today for an initial consultation to see how TipLyft™ can help you. You can also visit us in Arcadia, Pasadena, or Los Angeles, CA. 

What is TipLyft?

TipLyft is a nose injection technique that can alter the shape of your nose without looking unnatural. TipLyft can offer the following alterations for your nose:


Enhance the shape of the tip

Enhance the bridge 

The results are just as good as what you would get from rhinoplasty, minus the extensive downtime and recovery period. TipLyft is an outpatient procedure that can help correct your nasal bone or cartilage development. 

How Does Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Work?

Instead of using incisions, this non-surgical nose job uses an injectable dermal filler. So how does non-surgical rhinoplasty work? We will inject hyaluronic acid, a well-known dermal filler, into your nose to achieve your desired outcome. The hyaluronic acid is injected under your skin to increase the volume or alter the shape where needed. Since hyaluronic acid is produced naturally in our bodies, the results from a TipLyft treatment are subtle and natural-looking. It also means there is a lower chance of an allergic reaction since your body is accustomed to hyaluronic acid. 

Benefits of TipLyft

TipLyft can benefit you in many ways. It is the perfect procedure for patients that are not ready to commit to surgery. It is easy and highly effective. Men and women can enjoy the long list of advantages obtained with TipLyft’s non-surgical rhinoplasty. 

Balances Your Facial Features

Your nose is the center of your face. TipLyft can improve the appearance of your nose and bring balance to your face. These results are delicate and unique to your facial features. This is especially true for patients with an asymmetrical nose that needs correction. 

Customizable Results

One of the best advantages of TipLyft is that it offers personalized alterations unique to your facial features. We understand that everyone’s nose is different and requires a different treatment plan. Your nose won’t look out of place. We will outline the injection site carefully and ensure that you are satisfied before proceeding with the injections. 

No Scars or Incisions

While surgery can provide your desired results, it may lead to visible scarring. In addition, many patients are afraid of surgical incisions and avoid correcting their noses as a result. However, TipLyft is a non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure that does not involve incisions and scarring. The dermal filler injections are relatively pain-free and won’t require an extended healing period. 

No Surgical Risks

Of course, any surgical procedure comes with its share of risks. It can be a challenge to achieve your exact results. TipLyft eliminates the risk of surgery since you will be awake during the treatment. You can ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the outline before we inject the dermal fillers. 

Minimal Downtime

With a surgical nose job, there is often a lengthy recovery period that can be uncomfortable. Many people can’t return to work or social activities until their nose job heals. Since this is a minimally invasive treatment, you can return to work and do many other daily activities right after your treatment. 


TipLyft can be used to treat many different aspects of your nose. You have control over what features you want to be altered. TipLyft can correct your nose in multiple ways. It can provide a firmer, elevated nasal tip, or make your nasal dome narrower. We can also elongate the tip or rotate it upward to make your nose look shorter. The sky is the limit. Be sure to contact us to find out what TipLyft can do for your nose. 

All Races Can Take Advantage of TipLyft

Since TipLyft can be personalized to suit your facial features and desired outcome, it is suitable for all races and ethnicities. Each race and ethnic group has unique facial features that should be appreciated, even when making alterations. We want your TipLyft results to look natural. We can achieve this by examining your facial structure and designing a treatment plan based on your race and ethnic background. 

Enhance Your Smile

Although TipLyft is a nose-altering treatment, it can improve your smile. This treatment can alter your nose to enhance your smile and balance the contours of your face. 

Who is an Ideal Candidate for TipLyft?

TipLyft is ideal for anyone who would like to alter their nose to boost their confidence, restore their youthful appearance, or correct their nose to bring balance to their face. Patients with a bump on their nose bridge, wide or flat nose or droopy nasal tip can benefit from TipLyft. 

Are the Results Permanent?

Dermal fillers are usually temporary since they are eventually metabolized by your body. However, TipLyft results can last a few years. Once the results have disappeared, you can come back for another TipLyft treatment. Since this procedure is easy and hassle-free, a follow-up treatment does not have to be an inconvenience. 

Enjoy a Non-Surgical Nose Job

You don’t have to ensure surgery to get the results you want. TipLyft can provide unique results that are long-lasting and natural-looking. We want you to look good and feel good. At TipLyft, we can deliver excellent results! Contact us if you would like to know more about this non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure.

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