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By Dr. Arthur Yu

Multiple factors contribute to the overall balance and appearance of your face. However, one often overlooked area is the philtrum. The philtrum runs from the nose to the top of the lip, creating a groove in the center of your upper lip. 

The philtrum naturally lengthens with time, subtly aging your face. As a result, some adults may decide to look into philtrum shortening procedures.

At TipLyft, we offer a non-surgical rhinoplasty alternative to reshape the nose using dermal fillers. Patients in Pasadena, CA, can now subtly restore balance to their faces through an innovative technique for philtrum lip shortening without surgery or downtime. 

What Is the TipLyft Technique?

The TipLyft is a non-surgical nose injection technique to enhance your nose shape and overall facial balance. The treatment uses hyaluronic acid filler to add volume to areas of your nose and lips. In addition, it refines your facial proportions.

Using the TipLyft technique, dermal fillers can reshape the nose, targeting a range of concerns and enhancing your appearance. Shortening the philtrum is an ideal application of the TipLyft methodology, as it subtly restores youthfulness to your face.

How Does the Philtrum Affect Your Appearance?

While it may seem like a minor area of your face, the philtrum is the junction point between the nose and the lips, giving it a primary role in your overall facial balance. 

The philtrum forms the connection between the mid and lower face. As skin begins to lose its structure and elasticity with age, the philtrum begins to elongate.

As a result, the entire face begins looking longer and older. The lengthening of the philtrum also causes the groove to flatten and lose its definition, leading lips to lose their ideal “cupid’s bow” shape.

Additionally, men naturally have a longer, flatter philtrum than women, so philtrum elongation is generally associated with a more masculine face. 

A longer philtrum can make a face look disproportionate.

What Is Philtrum Shortening? 

In the past, philtrum lip shortening required a surgical procedure called an upper lip lift. In this procedure, a surgeon removes the excess skin in the philtrum and may reshape the natural cupid’s bow line of the upper lip. 

A few non-surgical philtrum shortening methods include orthodontia, makeup, and facial yoga. However, the results from these methods are often inconsistent or only offer short-term solutions. 

How Does TipLyft Philtrum Shortening Work?

Your nose and mouth have a natural structure and contour that tend to shift over time. For example, the area between the nasal passages, called the columella, can begin to hang lower, and the philtrum lengthens. 

The TipLyft technique starts with assessing your nasal structure and identifying areas where injections can add more curvature and proportion to your nose while improving the nasolabial angle and providing the philtrum lip shortening that restores youthfulness to the face.

The treatment offers immediate results. Through hyaluronic acid fillers, we can restore your nose shape and improve the appearance of a hanging columella. Additionally, the procedure can lift and reshape your upper lip, shortening philtrum length and restoring a desirable proportion between the nose and upper lip.

As a result, the lip and nose are better positioned while enhancing your facial balance, profile, and proportions.

What Are the Benefits of TipLyft Treatment for Shortening Philtrum Length?

Many patients prefer the appearance of a shorter philtrum but don’t want to undergo invasive surgery and extensive downtime. TipLyft offers the aesthetic benefits of a well-proportioned philtrum without surgery. The procedure provides several other benefits as well.

Treatment Is Highly Customizable

Each patient has their own idea of what ideal facial contours should look like. Some patients seek to enhance the groove of their philtrum, while others prefer a less-defined line. Patients with a downturned mouth may elevate the corners of their lips, and others may seek a rounder nose tip. All of these aesthetic goals are achievable with TipLyft.

It Requires No Downtime

Unlike upper lip surgery, which requires at least seven to ten days of recovery time and five to seven days before you should socialize, reshaping your nose through TipLyft requires no downtime.

Results Are Immediate

It takes time to see your ultimate results when you undergo surgery because your body needs to heal. However, TipLyft provides immediate, real-time effects, allowing you to see the changes as they are made. 

This is also beneficial because we can adjust the injection sites as the filler reshapes your nose and lip area to ensure that you get optimal results.

How Long Do Philtrum Lip Shortening Results Last?

Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the body, making it a safe, well-tolerated filler. However, over time, your body metabolizes hyaluronic acid, so the results of your treatment will eventually recede. 

The exact time your results will last depends on your metabolism, the injection sites, and the amount of filler you need to achieve your desired results. However, most patients enjoy the results from their non-surgical philtrum shortening for a few years. 

Because the injections are fast and convenient, you can continually refine your results as you see them beginning to fade and easily maintain your preferred nose, lip, and philtrum shape. 

Subtly Restore Your Youthful Appearance with Philtrum Shortening

Our TipLyft practice in Pasadena, CA, is the only place to refine your nose, lips, and philtrum through the TipLyft technique. Though frequently overlooked, your philtrum plays a primary role in your perceived youthfulness. Keep yours looking its best. 

Contact us to schedule your appointment today to learn how we can shorten your philtrum without surgery using our innovative technique. 

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