Liposuction (Body Sculpturing)

Liposuction is one of the top performed procedures in plastic surgery. A successful liposuction is dependent on 1) a good surgeon; 2) good instruments; 3) good understanding of human body aesthetics.

SmartLipo Laser Liposuction

SmartLipo laser utilizes a flexible 1mm DM glass fiber to transmit laser energy into the fatty tissue under the skin, melting the fat away, while tightening the loose skin above. This technique was scientifically proven to be able to shrink an additional 14% of the overlying skin after liposuction as compared to regular liposuction procedures.

Abdomen Liposuction

Abdominal liposuction is probably the most challenging of all the liposuctions, considering the fact that there are so many naturally existing aesthetic marks such as “six packs”, “corset lines”, “the midline groove in the upper abdomen”, the belly button, and the “groin lines”. A great plastic surgeon could almost always liposuction a fat tummy into something very aesthetically pleasing…

Waist Liposuction

Waist liposuction is easy to learn but hard to refine. While most doctors can remove fat from the waist, our doctor performs the liposuction in such a way that he is almost always able to obtain an “hour glass” figure for his patients.  Rather than giving our patients a straight and stiff waist, we emphasize the femininity and beauty of the female patients. The “hour glass” figure coordinates all the essential components in the region, including the lower chest, waist, hip and tummy, to form natural lines that our patients desire.

Upper Back and Lower Back Liposuction

Upper back is known for its fatty tissue being fibrous and tough, especially the “buffalo hump” region. This problem is best solved with our MicroAire power-assisted device, or in combination with our SmartLipo Laser system.

The lower back is also called the “bra rows”. Our doctor does a very thorough job here, and when necessary, our doctor could easily use the SmartLipo Laser system to shrink the excess skin that troubles so many women.

Thigh Liposuction

The thighs are divided into medial, frontal, lateral and posterior areas. While liposuction can be done easily for the frontal and medial areas, the posterior area needs to be approached gingerly, to avoid the important neurovascular bundles. Furthermore, it is mostly unnecessary to liposuction on the lateral/outer thigh, because most people do not have much fat in the middle and the lower section, except for the people with “saddlebags”.

A particularly mentionable area is the upper posterior thigh where it connects with the buttocks (Banana Roll). The liposuction done here helps to debunk and straighten up the posterior of the thigh. However, it needs to be done conservatively in order to avoid the possibility of the buttocks collapsing down, for losing the pillar-like support.

Knee Liposuction

The area just above the knee could be a troublesome area due to the skin being loose and at times, saggy. Luckily, with the availability of Smartlipo Laser system, this problem is drastically reduced. Our doctor could routinely obtain very satisfying results in this region.

Arm Liposuction

Upper arms could prove to be a tough cookie when traditional liposuction is performed. The old, manual liposuction could easily generate irregularities for its lack of precision, and the resulting loose skin could make a person look like they have a bat wing. In our doctor’s hands, the combination of MicroAire power-assisted device with SmartLipo laser liposuction not only provides smooth results on the arms, but also tightens the skin that may otherwise require an arm lift (excision of excess skin of the arms).

Arm Lift

When people age or have significant weight loss, the skin on the upper arms become loose and saggy, creating a bat wing kind of look. Arm lift is utilized to correct this problem. The excess skin and fat is strategically excised in order to obtain tightened arms. Our doctor utilizes his specialized techniques to feather down the thickness of the outer half of the arms, in combination with the excision, making the arm lift result much better than regular arm lift.

Correction Liposuction

For people who had failed liposuction, with indentations, pits, or destroyed anatomical structures, our doctor could utilize special tools to carefully recontour the body. Because of the amazing repair power of the fat, it is highly likely that the troubled spots you have, from improperly performed liposuction in the past, could be nicely reshaped by our doctor.


While most lipomas can be treated with surgical excision, some people may not want to go under knife. In these situations, we could use SmartLipo Laser to thermally melt away the fat content in a lipoma thus, requiring a small needle puncture only.