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By Dr. Arthur Yu

Your nose is one of the first things people notice about you. And whether you realize it or not, its shape and size help define your face.

Many individuals are unhappy with their natural noses and desire a change. Oftentimes, patients turn to surgical nose jobs as a method to refine the appearance and shape of their noses.

However, some patients prefer to go a non-surgical route for cosmetic procedures. Luckily, a non-surgical alternative can help contour your nose and achieve your goals. That alternative is TipLyft non-surgical nose job, an exclusive nose filler, and the latest in injection technology.

Surgical Nose Job

A surgical nose job is called rhinoplasty or, more classically, just a “nose job.” Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed surgeries. It’s a surgery that involves changing the shape of the nose.

Rhinoplasty can affect either one or all three of the following: bone, cartilage, and skin. When planning your rhinoplasty, your surgeon will evaluate the entire structure of your facial features, as well as the skin on your nose, to determine what you want to change.

Rhinoplasty is highly customizable and individual to the patient.

Why Rhinoplasty?

Patients get rhinoplasty to change their nose’s proportions, shape, or size. In some cases, rhinoplasty is purely cosmetic, but there are also medical elements in others.

For example, rhinoplasty can help improve specific breathing difficulties or correct genetic issues.

TipLyft: A Non-Surgical Nose Job and Rhinoplasty Alternative

TipLyft is a non-surgical nose-job alternative that does not require surgery, recovery, or downtime.

What Is TipLyft?

TipLyft utilizes cosmetic injection technology to achieve nose contouring without surgery. TipLyft was developed exclusively by Dr. Yu and his team. Dr. Yu utilized his many years of experience in rhinoplasty to develop a safe and non-surgical alternative for patients.

The Focus of TipLyft Nose Fillers

As the name suggests, the TipLyft procedure focuses on sculpting the tip of the nose. Rhinoplasty tends to focus solely on the shape and height of the bridge of the nose.

The tip of your nose may seem inconsequential, but it actually has an underrated impact on your face and overall profile.

Celebrities like Ariana Grande have popularized the look of a slender, perky nose tip. TipLyft can lift the tip of the nose and help lengthen its overall shape, making it an ideal procedure for patients with wide, flat noses.

How TipLyft Works

The main active ingredient in TipLyft technology is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is used in many cosmetic fillers because it is safe, soft, flexible, and volumizing. Your body naturally produces hyaluronic acid on its own, and over time it absorbs biodegradable hyaluronic acid back into itself.

What TipLyft Can Do

The TipLyft procedure offers a variety of benefits for patients seeking various cosmetic goals.

Philtrum Shortening

Your philtrum, sometimes called the medial cleft, is the space between your upper lip and the base of your nose. A long philtrum can contribute to aging, harsh, or aggressive appearances. By shortening the philtrum with TipLyft, Dr. Yu helps patients achieve an overall lifted and balanced appearance.

Philtrum shortening can help augment the appearance of your upper lip, as well.

Nose Hump Correction

Medical science has advanced significantly over the last several years. In the past, correcting unwanted nose humps, otherwise known as nasal dorsal humps, could only be achieved via rhinoplasty.

However, TipLyft can improve the bridge of your nose without surgery by adding volume to adjust the ratio of your mid-nose to your nasal column.

Adjustments to Rhinoplasty

Sometimes, patients who have previously undergone rhinoplasty want to make further changes to their nose shape.

Dr. Yu combines his knowledge and experience with TipLyft technology to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals. 

Benefits of TipLyft

Patients love TipLyft because it is:

TipLyft also requires no downtime and involves no scarring. With TipLyft, you also do not have to go through a lengthy recovery period involving bruising and bandages.

After receiving your TipLyft nose filler injections, you can immediately resume your lifestyle and routine, and it will not be evident to others that you’ve had this non-surgical procedure done. 

A major benefit of TipLyft is that it will not interfere with your nose’s internal structure or integrity, meaning you will not suffer any breathing issues or other threatening factors to your overall health and wellness.

Rhinoplasty vs. TipLyft: Which Is Right for You?

The type of procedure you choose to receive based on your cosmetic goals will depend on the following:

Some patients simply do not have the time required for recovery from surgery. TipLyft is the ideal procedure in these cases since there’s no downtime or disruption to your routine involved.

However, if your goals include correcting part of the overall structure of your nose for improved breathing, then rhinoplasty may be the solution needed.

What to Expect with TipLyft

The TipLyft procedure begins with evaluating your face and structure. Our providers need to gain a thorough understanding of your goals. 

The procedure lasts ten to fifteen minutes, and many clients can see results immediately. 

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