Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper eyelid surgery (upper blepharoplasty) for aging looks (Dermatochalasis) is a very common procedure. As we age, excess skin and wrinkles become more apparent in the eyelids. The excess skin droops and weighs down on the eyes, causing an aged appearance, and in some people, causing blockage of the lymphatic drainage, resulting in swollen/edematous look. 

Asian Double Eyelid Surgery (Double crease surgery)

It is well known that 50% of the Asian population do not have crease formation on the upper eyelids (double creases), making the eyes appear much smaller and sometimes less friendly. Hence, it is no wonder that double eyelid surgery ranks the highest among all the cosmetic surgery procedures in Asian countries.

Medial Epicanthoplasty

For people who desire to open up the inner eye corner, the modified “Cross” method for medial epicanthoplasty designed by our doctor provides many benefits with better results. While there are many different ways of doing epicanthoplasty, our doctor’s method is to accommodate different people with widely different expectations as to how open they want their inner eye corner to become, by varying the angle of the upper arm of the “cross” markings. An additional benefit would be that our modified “Cross” method leaves little to no scar.

Upper Eyelid Levator Repair

For people with impaired levator muscle function, we provide two approaches to correct the issue. An open incision method, which can be combined with regular upper eyelid surgery; or an internal method, by removing a section of the Muller’s muscle (no external wound).

Lower Eyelid Surgery

When people age, the eye bags protrude out. With each passing year, eye bags can become bigger and bigger, creating the appearance of tiredness and lack of sleep. Very often, these are accompanied by dark circles and tear troughs. Simply put, there could be a huge difference for people of the same age with or without eye bags. Sometimes, a pair of eye bags could easily add up to ten years on a person’s face.

Dark Circles (under eye)

Dark circles could be a very distractive and depressive feature on any person’s face. It could be caused by deep tear troughs, under-eye pigmentation, dark-colored veins lying too superficial, bad lymphatic drainage, or iatrogenic reasons such as injection of a wrong filler in the tear troughs.